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Is there really a need for a group of Jews in Aviation?


We think so.  There are many successful pilot affinity groups:


            Christian Pilots Association

Hispanic Professional Pilots Association
Latino Pilots Association

National Gay Pilots Association
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals
The Ninety-Nines
Women in Aviation

Their missions blend a dedication to aviation with the more specific needs and interests of their membership.


Additionally, Jews with common professions or interests have formed associations.  These include: 

Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity

American Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists
International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

Jewish Police Association

National Association of Jewish Chaplains

National Conference of Shomrim Societies


Are we just for pilots?


Absolutely not!  Anyone with an interest in aviation is encouraged to join.  Members include:


    • All pilots (any aircraft type)
    • Aviation enthusiasts
    • Aspiring pilots
    • Aircraft Maintenance Professionals
    • Air Traffic Controllers
    • Flight Dispatchers
    • Students and Teachers
    • Aviation Medical Professionals
    • Military Aviators
    • Flight Attendants 
    • Aviation manufacturing, support and service industry professionals


What are some of the possible functions Jews in Aviation? 

    • Social networking
    • Career networking
    • Promoting aviation within the Jewish Community
    • Aircraft sales/ownership
    • Foster link with Israel's aviation community
    • Raise funds and provide scholarships

How much are dues and what do they cover?


Dues are currently $18.00 USD per year. This fee is waived for full-time students.  ClubExpress charges us $4.80 USD per member per year to host the website and manage our membership data.  A portion of the dues will cover operational expenses.  NOBODY draws a salary.  Whatever remains will be used for scholarships and other programs consistent with a non-profit organization and will be approved by the Board of Directors once it is established.


Are funds available for people who cannot afford the membership dues? 


Yes.  No one will be denied membership due to financial hardship.  


Please write to for more information.


How is member privacy protected?


One of the reasons we turned to ClubExpress is to take advantage of their expertise in protecting data.  You are encouraged to review their Security & Privacy Policies by clicking on Privacy at the bottom of any page.Members decide how much of their profile information is shared.  


You do have the option of being excluded from the membership directory.